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The IT  Team

Deep Tissue

A firm yet relaxing massage technique designed to penetrate those "hard to reach" muscle tissues following the circulation of your nervous system. If you like the perfect pressure given for your muscles; this massage is for you!


A relaxing therapeutic massage that pleases the senses while dramatically improving the circulation and stimulating the lymphatic system. If you like lighter pressure then this massage is for you! 

Aromatherapy Stone Massage

The essential oil blend with the hot lava stones provide for an excellent massage experience! Lava stones are massaged onto the skin allowing for easy manipulation and deeper penetration into the muscles. This euphoric stone massage removes toxin build up helping to alleviate muscle pain and spasms while relaxing the muscles. The stones are evenly tempered for your individual skin sensitivity and placed on the chakras of the body guiding one into deep relaxation!

Thai Poultice Massage

The heated poultices, containing therapeutic herbs, penetrate deeply using rocking and rolling motions along the fibers of the muscles. Stretching is performed thereafter allowing the blood to flow back into the starving muscles preventing knots to build back up. The entire body is then massaged paying special attention to the lower back and upper trap areas. This massage is perfect for those who have pain in the lower back, glutes and/or sciatic nerve.

Thai Table Massage

Thai techniques are implemented in this fully clothed body massage using firm rhythmic pressure to stimulate the pressure points of the body.  The body feels re-energized as holistic stretches are used to relax the muscle.


Focusing on the pressure points of the feet, this massage increases the blood flow to organs, relieves tension, and stimulates the reflexes throughout the body guiding the body to heal itself.

Indian Scalp Massage

This soothing massage focuses on the points of the head releasing built-up stress and allowing one to dose into sweet oblivion.  Perfect for those who stress often and find it difficult to completely relax!

Hours of operation

The IT Guests (Incalls) are by appointment only:

Flowers Healing Arts Building 460 Bloomfield Avenue Montclair, New Jersey 07042


The IT Client (Outcall) hours are as follows:

Monday–Saturday: Anytime (after hours, before 8AM and after 9PM will be an additional $75)

The IT Girl Massage Therapy, L.L.C. will be closed on Sundays
*Additional minimal charges may apply to travel areas.


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Bichelle Harrison, CMT, Founder, is a graduate of the National Massage Therapy Institute, an NCBTMB school, takes pride in the field of massage as a Massage Therapist. She has attended the Steiner Training Academy at the Steiner Maritime division in London where she became certified in the Elemis Deep Tissue Muscle Massage, Elemis Aroma Spa Seaweed Treatment, Elemis Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow, Elemis Body Sculpting Cellulite and Colon Therapy, Elemis Aroma Stone Therapy, Elemis Thai Herbal Poultice Massage and Bamboo Massage. Also completed the Ayurveda Wellness Therapies: Shirodhara and the Shirobhyanga classes at the academy. Her passion for the field is evident in her practices, especially when it comes to helping others to be one step closer to becoming stress free. It provides deep satisfaction seeing her clients leave refreshed with loads lifted off of their shoulders. She states, “Making sure my clients leave their massage satisfied is my duty”. For that reason, her reviews have all been outstanding. While working on the Celebrity Cruise Line Bichelle has massaged thousands of guests including celebrities, radio and TV personalities, dignitaries, etc… who have deemed her massage as the best they have ever experienced! With remarkable comments from the clientele she has previously massaged Bichelle has decided that no time is better than now to launch out on her own to continue to share her professionalism, experience, knowledge, and intuitive nature toward helping and encouraging others now that she is here on land to stay. With hopes to expand her practice as it grows she plans to work with many celebrity clientele, film crews, counseling services, etc…there is no limit to what this “IT” Girl can do or where she can go. Serious and professional inquiries only.


Do you suffer from:

Stress, Headaches, Severe Migraines, Muscle Tension, Lower Back Pain, Hormonal Imbalances,  Arthritis, Fatigue, Menopause, Toxin Build Up, Fibromyalgia, Sciatica, etc…why suffer when you can get a massage?